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This directory of hotels in Costa Rica, HotelesEnCR.com, is a member of a network of directories called DirectoriosEnCR.com. We decided to create this series of directories since there was a real need in the country to have good online directories to find goods and services. Therefore, we created this directory, as well as a medical directory (DoctoresEnCR.com), a directory of lawyers (AbogadosEnCR.com), a directory of restaurants (RestaurantesEnCR.com ), a directory of veterinarians (VeterinariosEnCR.com) and a directory of companies in general (DirectorioEnCR.com).

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Also, due to the great success obtained by our directory of hotels in Costa Rica we decided to create a new network of directories called Reserva El Hotel. This new network was intended to satisfy the same need found in Costa Rica of having a good directory of hotels, but now in other countries of Latin America. That way, the network that started with only the directory of hotels in Costa Rica, already has new members like for example the directory of hotels in Guatemala and we expect to add a lot more.

Looking for hotels

This directory is designed to be very easy to use. From the homepage you can start your search. You can use two criteria to start finding the hotel you are looking for: province and type of hotel. After that you can access a results page, where you can further filter the hotels by selecting the touristic attraction you want to visit or you can simply sort the results in different ways. In addition, you can view the location of hotels on a map. Finally, please note that once you find the hotel that interests you, in its profile you will find all the necessary information so that you can contact them directly. Unlike many other hotel directories, we do not hide any data from you.

Hotel reservations

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In this directory we have included a service that we think will be very helpful to you. In the profile of each hotel we have included a button labeled "Reservations", which is offered with the help of our friends from the local tour operator Il Viaggio Travel Costa Rica. With this button you can request a manual reservation through this tour operator which guaranties you a great price and a personalized attention. If you prefer to make reservations online, we also added all the functionality necessary.

Did you find what you were looking for? Collaborate

We expect with this effort to help many people find the goods and services they are seeking and we appreciate any collaboration you like to give in return. There are many ways to cooperate with the directories, for example, we would greatly appreciate if you suggest to the various businesses and professionals in the country that they should get listed in our directories (there is a free option on all of them). In addition, any monetary donation of course is welcomed:

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