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Tortuga Lodge & Gardens

Tortuga Lodge & Gardens1

Type: Lodge

Telephone: +(506) 2709-8034



Location near: Tortuguero National Park, Limón

Exact address: Limón - Across from the airstrip, 1 mile north of the town of Tortuguero. ( show map )


Tortuga Lodge & Gardens is situated on 146 acres of private land on Costa Rica’s northeast Caribbean coast. View the wildlife of Tortuguero National Park and explore its back water creeks and lagoons by boat with your Tortuguero Naturalist Guide, while staying in the comfort of your River View Deluxe Rooms or River View Penthouse Suite. The essence of Tortuguero is slow-moving tropical rivers. Everything about Tortuguero is defined by the rivers. They are Tortuguero’s roads and Tortuguero’s soul. If a visitor wants to bring home the essence of Tortuguero he/she must get in tune with the rivers. The all-pervasive presence of the water blurs distinctions. As your boat moves slowly through the forest, you are immersed in a world where the forest merges with the rivers and the water becomes part of the tree. Land and water, indoors and outdoors lose part of their meaning.

Price: $ $ $ $ $

Reservations: Request a reservation through a local travel agency.

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