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Caribbean Paradise Eco Lodge Hotel

Caribbean Paradise Eco Lodge Hotel1

Type: Lodge, Hotel

Telephone: +(506) 2290-0374



Location near: Tortuguero National Park, Limón

Exact address: Limón - Laguna Penitencia, 5 minutes boatride from the town of Tortuguero. ( show map )


The hotel is located at Laguna Penitencia, a 5 minute boat ride from the town of Tortuguero. You may come on your own or we can offer you different packages, including transportation, meals, tours and lodging. The lodge has a spacious tropical garden surrounded by 40 acres of private tropical jungles and thousands of acres of deep jungle from of the Tortuguero National Park. The lodge has a large pool, beautiful elevated restaurant and bar, cozy standard rooms and spacious bungalows.

Price: $ $ $ $ $

Reservations: Request a reservation through a local travel agency.

Reserve through a travel agency


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