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Almonds and Corals Lodge

Almonds and Corals Lodge1

Type: Lodge, Hotel

Telephone: +(506) 2271-3000



Location near: Puerto Viejo and surroundings, Limón

Exact address: Limón - Manzanillo, Limón. Costa Rica. ( show map )


Almonds and Corals is a hotel in Costa Rica located in the heart of the Manzanillo-Gandoca Wildlife Refuge. This hotel is just a relaxing place where you can feel the magic of nature with a unique jungle beach concept. Staying at Almonds and Corals hotel offers you the opportunity to get close to the forest while enjoying luxury rooms located in the middle of a wild rainforest. The hotel consists of 24 bungalows that lie under giant trees in a forest so dense that light rays almost do not reach the ground. Each room is raised on a platform on stilts, with orchids hanging from the branches around it. As in a fairy tale, as you walk down the middle of an enchanted forest on trails slightly elevated from the ground you suddenly find yourself facing the magnificent Caribbean sea, with its golden sand and coconuts of the bay of Manzanillo. There you can almost hear the sound of Calypso music.\r\n

Price: $ $ $ $ $

Reservations: Request a reservation through a local travel agency.

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